About us

Doctor Farmer, LLC

is a modern company special­izing in development, produc­tion, and sales of plant protec­tion chemicals.

The goal of our company is increase in ef­ficiency of the activities of agro-industrial com­plex through introduction of the most recent technologies for plant protection. We offer our knowledge and experience in the sphere of de­velopment, selection and application of plant protection chemicals in specific conditions of your agricultural enterprise.


Doctor Farmer produces a wide range of high-quality products, comprising over 40 kinds of pesticides, which are modern systemic fun­gicides and fungicidal disinfectants, highly ef­ficaceous pre- and postemergence herbicides, time-proven herbicides of continuous action, desiccants, universal insecticides to fight against a wide range of depredators. 

Some of them are unique and have no ana­logs not only in Russia, but on the world market as well, for instance:

- the herbicides of continuous action, RAP 600, with the market’s highest concentration of agent substance in the given preparative form,

- TURION, a three-component disinfectant for crops, having no analogs.

Produced preparations undergo numerous tests in all the main soil-climatic zones of the Russian Federation.

The obtained results underlie comprehensive systems for grain crops, sugar beet, corn, oil seed rape, potatoes and sunflower seeds.


The production capacities of Doctor Farmer are located in the town of Kuybyshev in Novosi­birsk Oblast. The production is built with obser­vance of all the necessary modern requirements to ensure high efficiency of produced pesticides and environmental safety.

The enterprise is fitted with modern equip­ment which enables production of main pre­parative forms of pesticides: concentrates of emulsions, suspension concentrates, aqueous solutions and water-soluble concentrates. The production process is run on 4 synthesis lines and 8 formulation lines.

The enterprise has its own certified laborato­ry fitted up with most advanced equipment which enables running a thorough analytical control of the incoming raw materials and the quality of products in accord with the requirements of in­ternational standards. Buying our products you may always stay assured of its quality!



The specialists of the company conduct re­search in the sphere of production of modern pesticides and development of innovative products, both at own scientific labs and in close cooperation with leading field-specific scientific research institutes.

To solve these tasks, centers for chemical and biological studies have been established. The centers are aimed at creation and improve­ment of existing preparative forms of chemicals, optimization of methods for applying pesticides which increases the efficiency of their use and reducing the negative impact upon the envi­ronment. The existence of centers for biological research enables to grow test objects under the conditions of artificial climate and during the whole year round to carry out tests of the prod­ucts being developed.

Novelties of the season 2024:

- combined systemic graminicide for the control of annual and perennial cereal weeds in broad-leaved crops – KLEGAL

In the process of registration are:

- contact non-selective desiccant with a high content of active ingredient for preparing crops for harvesting - CHARON

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